PBH ActivePost Small Sticks - Draw

Year 7/8 Kwik Sticks Tuesday 21st August

Tuesday 21st August 3.45pm  Campion Juniors v  Gis Int Green (3 v 4 Div II)

Tuesday 21st August 4.45pm  Manutuke YMP v Gis Int Blue (3 v 4 Div I)

Tuesday 21st August 5.45pm Gis Int White v  Ilminister Intermediate (1 v 2 Div II)

Tuesday 21st August 6.45pm Red Bulls v  Maui Pakeke (1 v 2 Div I)

Please meet in the Pavilion following your games for a short prize-giving.

Click below for the Semi/Final Format

Intermediate Semis and Finals 2018

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Meet in the Pavilion after your games for a short prize-giving.

Final Results will be posted over tonight's Final Games

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Year 5 and 6 Round 2 2018

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Year 3/4 Friday 24th August

Friday 24th August 4pm 1A Riverdale v St Marys Challengers
Friday 24th August 4pm 1B Central Blues v Sonrise
Friday 24th August 4pm 1C Makaraka Meerkats v Makaraka Magic
Friday 24th August 4pm 1D Managapapa Pango Bye

Friday 24th August 4.30pm 1A Awapuni/Kaiti v Uawa Toa
Friday 24th August 4.30pm 1B Central White v Te Wharau
Friday 24th August 4.30pm 1C Wainui Whizzes v Ormond
Friday 24th August 4.30pm 1D Te Hapara Excellers v Whangara Riders

Friday 24th August 5pm 1A Whatatutu Go Getters v Manutuke Magpies
Friday 24th August 5pm 1B NUAM Tau Wha v NUAM Tau Toru
Friday 24th August 5pm 1C Makauri Red v Waikirikiri A
Friday 24th August 5pm 1D Waikirikiri B v Managapapa Kahurangi

This is the last game for Year 3/4.  Please meet in the pavilion following your games.

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Year 3 and 4 Round 2 2018

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