PBH Senior Competition Information 2018

Winter Registrations:


Registration Links will be sent out to Club Contacts.  One registration will need to be filled in per team, as well as a photo of the team’s playing uniform and $50 per team (non-refundable) for your entry to be accepted by Wednesday 7th March.

2018 Winter Dates - Seniors

PBH have set Senior Winter Dates as outlined below.  

PBH Meeting 6pm Monday 5th March 2018
- Senior Team Registrations Due Wednesday 7th March 2018
PBH AGM Meeting 6pm Monday 12th March 2018 PBH main association meeting to follow.

- Opening Day Tournament Saturday 24th March 2018

-  Senior Finals Saturday 25th August 2018

Registration Link: https://eventdesq.sportstg.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=Main&EventDesqID=28329&OrgID=20888