Senior Men Round Two Results 2018

Men's Grade:

The men have finished Round Two and now split into Top 3 Bottom 4

1 - YMP A
2 - THC
3 - LOB A

D - LOB Masters

The amended draw is attached.

* * * * *

Men’s Semis and Finals:

B Grade

  • Week One - 1 plays 2 winner straight through (Game B), 3 plays 4 loser out (Game A).  

  • Week Two - Game B loser v Game A winner.  Winner through to finals

  • Week Three - Finals

A Grade

  • Week One - 1 plays 2 winner straight through (Game 1)

  • Week Two - Loser Game 1 plays 3.  Winner through to finals.

  • Week Three - Finals

Team Played Win Draw Loss Goals For Goals Against Goal Difference Points
YMP A 6 6 0 0 40 4 36 18
YMP B 6 2 1 3 14 33 -19 7
LOB A 6 4 0 2 24 18 6 12
LOB B 6 1 0 5 11 27 -16 3
LOB Masters 6 0 1 5 9 38 -29 1
THC 6 5 0 1 47 13 34 15
GBHS 6 2 0 4 14 26 -12 6

PBH SENIOR MEN AND WOMEN 2018 – ROUND 2 Men with Umpires and Watering
R1 - Game 8 Women / R2 Game 1 Men Umpires
Monday 21st May Secondary Umpiring GMC Kowhai
Friday 25th May 6.00pm YMP A 9 YMP B 3 LOB B/GBHS
Friday 25th May 7.30pm LOB B 1 GBHS 6 Masters/LOB A
Saturday 26th May 12:00 PM GMC Kowhai 0 GMC Green 10 TA/YMP A
Saturday 26th May 1.45pm Te Aowera 1 YMP A 19 Kowhai/Green
Saturday 26th May 3.30pm LOB Masters 2 LOB A 7 YMP A/YMP B
Saturday 26th May 5.15pm JNL Paikea 12 YMP B 0 Gold/GGHS
Saturday 26th May 7:00 PM GMC Gold 0 Amber Dental GGHS 11 Paikea/YMP B
Ben Holden Ngatapa Bye
Sunday 27th May Cleaning YMP A Men
PLEASE NOTE: No PBH Competitions Queens Birthday Weekend
R1 - Game 9 Women / R2 Game 2 Men Umpires
Monday 28th May Secondary Umpiring YMP A MEN
Friday 8th June 6.00pm LOB B 3 LOB Masters 1 LOB A/THC
Friday 8th June 7.30pm LOB A 2 THC 4 YMP B/GBHS
Saturday 9th June 12:00 PM Amber Dental GGHS 3 GMC Green 4 Paikea/TA
Saturday 9th June 1.45pm JNL Paikea 6 Te Aowera 0 GGHS/Green
Saturday 9th June 3.30pm GMC Kowhai 7 YMP B 1 Ngatapa/YMP A
Saturday 9th June 5.15pm Ngatapa 1 YMP A 3 Kowhai/YMP B
Saturday 9th June 7:00 PM YMP B 4 GBHS 3 LOB/B/Masters
GMC Gold Bye
Sunday 10th June Cleaning GMC Kowhai
PBH SENIOR MEN AND WOMEN 2018 – ROUND 2 Men/Women with Umpires and Watering
Women R2 Men R2 Game 3 Umpires
Monday 11 June Secondary Umpiring Ngatapa
Friday 15th June 6:00 PM GMC Gold 0 YMP B 2 Kowhai/Te Aowera
Friday 15th June 7.30pm YMP A 0 GMC Green 3 Ngatapa/Paikea
Saturday 16th June 12:00 PM LOB A 7 YMP B 1 LOB B/YMP A
Saturday 16th June 1.45pm LOB B 0 YMP A 6 LOB Masters/THC
Saturday 16th June 3.30pm LOB Masters 3 THC 15 LOB A/YMP B
Saturday 16th June 5.15pm GMC Kowhai 11 Te Aowera 2 Gold/YMP B
Saturday 16th June 7:00 PM Ben Holden Ngatapa 2 JNL Paikea 1 YMP A/GMC Green
Sunday 17th Cleaning LOB Masters
Women R2 Men R2 Game 4 Umpires
Monday 18th June Secondary Umpiring THC
Friday 22nd June 6.00pm GMC Green 8 Amber Dental GGHS 2 YMP A/Ngatapa
Friday 22nd June 7.30pm YMP B 0 GMC Kowhai 1 Gold/Te Aowera
Saturday 23rd June 12:00 PM YMP B 3 LOB B 2 YMP A/Masters
Saturday 23rd June 1.45pm THC 10 GBHS 0 YMP B/LOB B
Saturday 23rd June 3.30pm YMP A 6 LOB Masters 0 THC/GBHS
Saturday 23rd June 5.15pm YMP A 4 Ben Holden Ngatapa 0 Green/GGHS
Saturday 23rd June 7:00 PM GMC Gold 3 Te Aowera 2 YMP B/Kowhai
Paikea Bye
Sunday 24th Cleaning LOB B
Women R2 Men R2 Game 5 Umpires
Monday 25th June Secondary Umpiring YMP A Women
Friday 29th June 6.00pm GBHS 0 YMP A 7 YMP B/THC
Friday 29th June 7.30pm LOB A 5 LOB B 3 GBHS/YMP A
Saturday 30th June 12:00 PM YMP A 9 Amber Dental GGHS 2 Green/Paikea
Saturday 30th June 1.45pm GMC Green 6 JNL Paikea 2 YMP A/GGHS
Saturday 30th June 3.30pm GMC Kowhai 6 GMC Gold 1 YMP B/Te Aowera
Saturday 30th June 5.15pm YMP B 4 Te Aowera 0 Kowhai/Gold
Saturday 30th June 7:00 PM YMP B 1 THC 11 LOB A/LOB B
Ben Holden Ngatapa Bye
LOB Masters Bye
Sunday 1st July Cleaning Paikea
Women R2 Men R2 Game 6 Umpires
Monday 2nd July Secondary Umpiring Te Aowera
Thursday 5th July 6:00 PM YMP A 6 JNL Paikea 1 Ngatapa/GGHS
Thursday 5th July 7.30pm Ben Holden Ngatapa 1 Amber Dental GGHS 1 YMP A/Paikea
GMC Green Bye
Friday 6th July 6.00pm YMP B 4 GMC Gold 2 Te Aowera/Kowhai
Friday 6th July 7.30pm Te Aowera 5 GMC Kowhai 0 YMP B/Gold
Saturday 7th July 12:00 PM YMP A 7 LOB A 0 LOB B/THC
Saturday 7th July 1.45pm GBHS 5 LOB Masters 1 YMP A/LOB A
Saturday 7th July 3.30pm THC 6 LOB B 2 Masters/GBHS
Saturday 7th July 5.15pm
Saturday 7th July 7:00 PM
Sunday 8th July 1.45pm JNL Paikea 2 Amber Dental GGHS 3 Ngatapa/Green
Sunday 8th July 3.30pm Ben Holden Ngatapa 1 GMC Green 5 Paikea/Green
Sunday 8th July Cleaning Green
Women R2 Men R2 Game 7 Umpires
Monday 9th July School Holiday
Friday 13th July 6.00pm THC 1 YMP A 5 Masters/YMP B
Friday 13th July 7.30pm GBHS 0 LOB A 3 THC/YMP A
Saturday 14th July 12:00 PM LOB Masters 2 YMP B 2 GBHS/LOB A
Saturday 14th July 1.45pm GMC Kowhai 2 YMP B 0 Te Aowera/Gold
Saturday 14th July 3.30pm Te Aowera 1 GMC Gold 1 Kowhai/YMP B
Saturday 14th July 5.15pm YMP A 7 Amber Dental GGHS 0 Green/Paikea
Saturday 14th July 7:00 PM GMC Green 10 JNL Paikea 2 YMP A/GGHS
Ben Holden Ngatapa Bye
Sunday 15th July Cleaning Te Aowera
Monday 16th July School Holidays
Friday 20th July 6.00pm YMP A 6 THC 3 YMP B/GBHS
Friday 20th July 7.30pm YMP B 1 GBHS 4 LOB B/Masters
Saturday 21st July 12:00 PM LOB B 3 LOB Masters 1 YMP A/THC
Saturday 21st July 1.45pm GMC Gold 1 GMC Kowhai 4 Te Aowera/YMP B
Saturday 21st July 3.30pm Te Aowera 0 YMP B 9 Gold/Kowhai
Saturday 21st July 5.15pm YMP A 3 JNL Paikea 0 Ngatapa/GGHS
Saturday 21st July 7:00 PM Ben Holden Ngatapa 5 Amber Dental GGHS 0 YMP A/Paikea
GMC Green
Sunday 22nd July Cleaning PBHA
Monday 23rd July Secondary Umpiring LOB B
Friday 27th July 6.00pm GMC Kowhai 6 YMP B 1 Te Aowera/Gold
Friday 27th July 7.30pm Te Aowera 1 GMC Gold 2 Kowhai/YMP B
Saturday 28th July 12:00 PM JNL Paikea 0 Amber Dental GGHS 6 Ngatapa/Green
Saturday 28th July 1.45pm Ben Holden Ngatapa 0 GMC Green 9 Paikea/GGHS
Saturday 28th July 3.30pm YMP B 0 LOB B 2 YMP A/LOB A
Saturday 28th July 5.15pm GBHS 2 LOB Masters 1 YMP B/LOB B
Saturday 28th July 7:00 PM YMP A 5 LOB A 0 GBHS/Masters
Sunday 29th July Cleaning Masters
Monday 30th July Secondary Umpiring Gold
Friday 3rd August 6.00pm THC 4 LOB A 1 YMP B/Masters
Friday 3rd August 7.30pm GBHS 2 LOB B 3 THC/LOB A
Saturday 4th August 12:00 PM YMP B 3 LOB Masters 1 GBHS/LOB B
Saturday 4th August 1.45pm YMP A 3 Ben Holden Ngatapa 0 Green/GGHS
Saturday 4th August 3.30pm GMC Green 9 Amber Dental GGHS 1 YMP A/Ngatapa
Saturday 4th August 5.15pm Te Aowera 0 GMC Kowhai 2 YMP B/Gold
Saturday 4th August 7:00 PM YMP B 4 GMC Gold 0 Te Aowera/Kowhai
JNL Paikea Bye
Sunday 5th August Cleaning PBHA
Monday 6th August Secondary Umpiring YMP B Men
Thursday 9th August 6:00 PM Ben Holden Ngatapa 3 JNL Paikea 0 YMP A/GM Green
Thursday 9th August 7.30pm YMP A 3 GMC Green 0 Ngatapa/Paikea
Thursday 9th August Amber Dental GGHS Bye
Friday 10th August 6.00pm Te Aowera 0 YMP B 1 Gold/Kowhai
Friday 10th August 7.30pm GMC Gold 0 GMC Kowhai 8 Te Aowera/YMP B
Saturday 11th August 12:00 PM YMP B 1 LOB Masters 2 (Game A) B Grade
Saturday 11th August 1.45pm LOB B 6 GBHS 7 Game B (winner to final) S/O) B Grade
Saturday 11th August 3.30pm YMP A 6 THC 2 Game 1 (winner to final) A Grade
Saturday 11th August 5.15pm
Saturday 11th August 7:00 PM
Sunday 12th August 1.45pm 4th Points Amber Dental GGHS 6 5th Points JNL Paikea 7 (loser out) S/O A Grade
LOB A Bye A Grade
Sunday 12th August Cleaning GBHS
Monday 13th August Secondary Umpiring YMP B Women
Friday 17th August 6.00pm LOB Masters (winner game A) LOB B (loser game B) Winner to Final B Grade
Friday 17th August 7.30pm THC (loser game 1) LOB A Winner to Final A Grade
Saturday 18th August 12:00 PM GMC Kowhai - Top Te Aowera - 4th Game 10 B Grade
Saturday 18th August 1.45pm YMP B - 2nd GMC Gold - 3rd Game 11 B Grade
Saturday 18th August 3.30pm Top - GMC Green JNL Paikea Game 10 A Grade
Saturday 18th August 5.15pm 2nd - YMP A 3rd - Ben Holden Ngatapa Game 11 A Grade
Saturday 18th August 7:00 PM
Sunday 19th August Cleaning GGHS
FINALS WEEK! Game Times TBC Umpires
Monday 20th August Secondary Umpiring Green
Friday 24th August 6.00pm
Friday 24th August 7.30pm
Saturday 25th August 11:00 AM GBHS B Grade Men
Saturday 25th August 12.45pm B Grade Women
Saturday 25th August 2.30pm YMP A A Grade Men
Saturday 25th August 4.15pm A Grade Women
Saturday 25th August

Tamanay Tuhou THC 27
Chris Fox THC 23
Jarrod Carter YMP A 17
Josh Cousins YMP 17
Jereme Taylor YMP A 14
Hylam Tukariri THC 13
Derek Peach LOB A 11
Brett Hockey GBHS 11
Kohere Tupara YMP A 10
Alex Mayhead LOB A 9
Piri Orotaunga THC 9
Kyle Hannah GBHS 9
Micheal Bond YMP 8
Kingi Ormond GBHS 7
Hanoa Morete THC 7
Jayden Mckay LOB A 7
Neal Ebbett LOB A 6
Cole Manson LOB B 6
David Fox LOB B 6
Thomas Rutene YMP A 5
Gareth Knox YMP A 5
Hoera Mohi THC 5
Andrew Carter YMP 5
Heath Tupara YMP A 5
Oscar Ruston LOB 5
Harry Allan GBHS 5
Danny Kirk LOB B 4
Jason Akuhata-Brown YMP B 4
Derek Watson LOB A 4
Kieran Barker YMP A 4
George Searle LOB A 4
Sam Hain LOB Masters 4
David Preddey Masters 4
Jack Sanders YMP B 4
Wade Manson LOB B 4
Herman Fourie LOB B 4
Dylan Taylor YMP A 3
Sam Blackburne GBHS 3
Andy Church YMP A 3
Stu Priest YMP B 3
Mason O'Dwyer THC 3
Dylan Lardelli YMP A 3
Lyle Taylor YMP B 3
Alex Hyland YMP A 3
Richard Searle LOB Masters 3
Peter Kapene GBHS 2
Jed Skuse LOB Masters 2
Aorangi Tuhou THC 2
Rian Mayhead LOB A 2
Cole Williams LOB A 2
Matt Tietjen LOB B 2
James Torrie YMP A 2
Matt Skuse LOB Masters 2
Eric Taylor GBHS 2
Hone Pewhairangi THC 2
David Mackey YMP B 2
Ethan Hannah GBHS 2
Lachie Falloon GBHS 1
Nick Fox LOB B 1
Matt Bailey LOB B 1
Micheal Durcos LOB B 1
David Lepper LOB B 1
Mathew Pepere GBHS 1
Toby Proude LOB A 1
Tony Scragg LOB Masters 1
Chris Potroz LOB Masters 1
Zane Tuhou THC 1
Jed Hocart-Saunders THC 1
Ollie Moss LOB A 1
Henry Mohi THC 1
Zealander Rogers LOB B 1
Jack Parker YMP B 1
Aiden Scragg LOB Masters 1
Oliver Cranefield GBHS 1
Terry Thomas LOB B 1
Sean Gooch YMP B 1
Dylan Dyer LOB Masters 1
George Whitehead LOB A 1