Renegade Hockey

Business House Renegade Hockey

Format: 5-aside, half field, mixed social grade, 15-minute games, each team plays 3/4 games per playing night

What is Renegade Hockey?

The programme will provide an opportunity for youth and adults to participate in a less formal structure and setting. This is a non-threatening introduction to hockey and will undertake a less formal look and feel.  The aim is to target businesses who are looking for something for their staff connected to fitness, health and social activity:
•    Modified sticks and balls
•    5 v 5
•    No goalkeepers and umpires
•    Short games – rotate opposition every 10 minutes
•    60 minutes total play

Where does Renegade Hockey Fit?
Traditionally, hockey has catered for the competitive market very well. More recently summer hockey has started to cater for the recreational/competitive market.
Renegade Hockey, through the three key areas, is now able to cater for those participants who are interested in playing hockey for recreational reasons (ie fitness, health, social interaction before, during and after the game).  

What Equipment is required?

Hockey New Zealand with Kookaburra has developed the stick to use for Renegade Hockey. This is similar in shape to the beach hockey stick and the head has been closed in. The stick can be used on both sides.
Four goals are used for each field.

Business House Renegade

►    Self-managed – no referees.          
►    Players are responsible for calling fouls. Players resolve their own disputes. This creates a spirit of honesty and respect on the playing field. It is the duty of the player who committed the foul to speak up and admit his infraction.
►    Goals: 4x Modified placed on the base line
►    Balls: Modified – Renegade ball
►    Goalkeeper: No
►    Penalty Corners: No

►    No physical contact
►    No tripping or intentional blocking
►    No stick contact to opposition players
►    No “foot” rule - the ball may not be deliberately kicked but if there is no clear advantage and it is not dangerous - play on.
►    Both sides of  the stick can be used to play the ball
►    Restart – the game restarts within 2 meters of where the foul took place or the ball went out. The offending team must retreat 5 meters form the ball. The team in possession can pass or dribble to restart the game.
►    The game starts with a push forward or back. Each team must be behind the centre line at the start whistle.
►    There are no penalty corners, or penalty strokes in this module.
►    A goal is scored when the ball is pushed into a goal you are attacking.

60 minute blocks which include 3 x 15 minute games for each team with 3 minute breaks between games.